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Why did I started JobHired?

Jobhired.io was first created in 2015. After I was dissatisfied with my employer.

I felt that I was not being recognized for the work I was doing. People were being promoted ahead of me.

And I was not properly compensated.

I drastically needed to make a change.

So, I began to search for my new job opportunity.

As I searched numerous job boards, fortune 500 companies, and start-ups.

After finding and applying to a number of jobs for many weeks, I concluded that there were many jobs going unnoticed.

I realized this was an opportunity to display all the jobs that were not tailored to me, but wanted to help other people find these great job opportunities.

I created a short list of these opportunities and shared this information with my friends, family and co-workers.

The feedback and number of jobs I found on a daily basis were overwhelming.

I wanted to share this valuable information with other people (like you) outside of my network.

As a result, JOBHIRED was founded.

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