Web Development Engineer - Elastic Beanstalk Amazon

Kxsipetk 400x400 Amazon | Seattle 2018-05-18

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is dedicated to making the process of deploying and managing web applications and services into AWS as easy as possible. Elastic Beanstalk is uniquely positioned to serve as a vehicle for customers to quickly use the power of AWS cloud infrastructure while managing the complexity around running and maintaining applications in the cloud. Moving a solution from a developer workstation or laptop to the cloud in a simple step is where Elastic Beanstalk excels. For more information on Elastic Beanstalk please visit: http://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/

The Elastic Beanstalk team is looking for a passionate, experienced Web Development Engineer. Creating the perfect user experience in the web environment requires a blend of technical knowledge, customer obsession and agility. You should be somebody who is interested in how the various components (browsers, networks, protocols and web servers) work together, and understand how they can be effectively used together to create great user experiences. You will work closely with product managers, engineers, and customers to ensure we are delivering an interfaces that make it easy to do complex tasks without dumbing them down. If employing your skills at scale, and working in a dynamic and delivery focused environment interests you, this is the perfect role. 
Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical discipline (or the equivalent).
  • Computer science fundamentals in object-oriented design.
  • Comprehensive understanding of web development, including but not limited to HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with responsive web design frameworks.
  • Follows best coding practices, including peer code reviews and unit and integration tests.
  • Writes sound code and is familiar with unit testing.
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven web design skills.
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of web server frameworks and design patterns such as MVC.
  • Prior experience with Angular JS.
  • Experience with the Jasmine unit testing framework.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • 2+ years of experience in a web development role

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