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Puby5pvj ThePSF | San Francisco

Job Description

As an integral part of our technology team, you will work on web applications for exploring data with natural language. You’ll work with our cutting edge NL search technologies, helping us design, develop, and deploy our applications in a variety of contexts. You’ll get to wear many hats, touch many parts of our system, and have a significant impact on our products.

The kinds of problems you’ll be working on include:

When applying, please tell us about some of the real world problems and applications that you have worked on.



About the Company

Our mission is to create natural language interfaces that make a difference in people’s lives. By working in specialized domains, we can create highly targeted tools that have a large impact, empowering domain experts and novices alike. New tools can lead to revolutions in our understanding of how things are done, and we see natural language interfaces being an integral part of that change.

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