Virtual Reality Software Engineer

Eyjz7iyp 400x400 Mindshow | Los Angeles

Mindshow is PC-based virtual reality software that lets you make animated movies in VR with your body and voice. Become 3D cartoon characters, act out a show, and share it with your friends. Come take a look at what we’re building:

We’re looking for top software engineers to help us lead the charge. The ideal candidate has real-world experience developing AAA game titles, solid knowledge in the fundamentals of engineering and computer science, and a passion for virtual reality. You love learning new technologies and quickly applying them to practice. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love it here… we’ve got some cool stuff for you to work on. Send us your resume.

The Everyday View

  • Implement the Mindshow virtual reality application for the Vive and Oculus on the PC, and for emerging mobile VR platforms
  • Develop high-quality, modular code that is well engineered and architected to support long-term development and product evolution
  • Collaborate with designers and artists to develop new features, characters, environments, and props, and contribute original ideas towards all aspects of production and development
  • Work with QA (in addition to testing your own code and performing peer reviews of other people’s code) to ensure the application is rock solid
  • Analyze code performance and architect optimizations
  • Keep up to date with technological developments and advancements in virtual reality
The Kind of Person We're Looking For

  • Hands-on experience developing AAA-quality game titles for the PC or game consoles using leading 3D game creation engines
  • Formal training and experience in software engineering and computer science
  • Excellent software design and programming skills using C# or C++
  • Highly skilled in developing software for 3D computer graphics, math, motion capture, animation, gameplay, 3D user interfaces, physics, and networking
  • 3+ years’ work experience (outside of college) within agile Scrum engineering teams
Plusses That Get You Noticed

  • Portfolio of prior AAA game titles
  • Real-world experience with software architectures and design principals used for large-scale engineering projects, such as inversion of control, separation of concerns, and MVC, and knowledge on how to apply them within a game object / component engine
  • Experience with virtual reality (Vive, Oculus, PSVR) and VR SDKs (SteamVR plugin for Unity, Unity VR API, OpenVR)
  • Experience developing shaders in HLSL
  • Experience developing multi-user systems, real-time networking, digital content distribution, and social network integration

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