Software Engineer - Front End

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Position Summary

We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer who builds seriously remarkable products. If you are passionate about releasing excellent code to customers, love working in an Agile environment and are chomping at the bit to work with ReactJS, Saas, Webpack, and React Native, we want to hear from you.

As Strive Lab’s newest software engineer, you’ll help us scale up the implementation of our Ruby on Rails SaaS products beyond their current capabilities to manage 10s of millions of patients. More importantly, you’ll do this all while the train is barreling down the tracks, pushing code to production multiple times per day.

At Strive Labs, we place a premium on hiring the most talented people for our teams, and then give them the freedom to do their jobs. We are a small team that works hard—but we have lots of fun doing it. So, if you like a collaborative, challenging, work environment, you’ll fit right in.



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