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Zoosk Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Technical Product Manager to support our API team and lead anti-fraud initiatives. Our customers trust us to provide a secure, reliable, high quality dating experience. Maintaining that trust while providing the best possible customer experience is of critical importance to us.

A Bit About You:

Your resume should scream accomplishments.  We don't want to read what your day to day is, but rather what you've accomplished.

You enjoy reading and learning about start-ups because you want to know how others are attempting to solve new problems.  You treat the product you are working on as your 'baby', taking quality more serious than quantity.

Working at Zoosk:

As a Technical Product Manager you will be positively impacting the customer experience by spearheading technical product initiatives and leading our efforts in identifying and preventing fraud across all platforms.  This role provides autonomy to think strategically, make data driven decisions, and institute the tools necessary to quickly identify and respond to threats. The plans and roadmap you define will be fundamental to providing a world class user experience and protecting our customers' trust.

You will work closely with a variety of stakeholders including customer success, finance managers, business analysts, software development, and infrastructure teams. You will define use cases, analyze the potential customer and financial implications, select the most promising ideas, and prioritize them. This position is highly collaborative and requires outstanding analytical and communication skills.

Primary Responsibilities:


Zoosk is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About Us:

Zoosk’s Core Values: Don’t stop caring. Be a doer. We’re better together. Speak up. We say no to the status quo. If there’s fun to be had, then have it.

Zoosk is a leading online dating company in San Francisco founded by two engineers in 2007.  After ten years, we have 40 million users in 80 countries exchanging millions of messages in 25 different languages every single day.


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