Software Engineer - Web Team

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Liferay is an award-winning open source Digital Experience Platform company with a greater-than-profit vision. We don’t just celebrate excellent software that delights customers, but we get super stoked about giving about 10% of our profits away to charities around the world. We’re a global company with 18+ offices around the world but at the same time keeping our startup culture intact. That’s us. What about you?

You're an exceptional software engineer that understands crafting a world class digital experience takes more than a pretty website.  You are looking for an opportunity to push the features and limits of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform to the edge and then work with Product Managers and Engineers to help redefine the edge.  You have experience using modern front end technologies to build responsive and scalable solutions and more than a passing knowledge of the backend technologies that are required to make it all possible.  If that describes you, apply now and let’s chat.


  • Develop and implement digital experiences using Liferay, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Architect and develop reusable front end components that can be leveraged by different members of the team
  • Communicate with stakeholders and other frontend engineers to refine requirements and implement Design’s mock up to pixel perfection


  • Must have a passion for what you do and talent in doing it
  • Experience with front end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and with developing interactive websites using those technologies with a good grasp of how they are interconnected
  • Understand the DOM, events, CSS inheritance and the cascade, semantic HTML, and an understanding of cross-browser quirks
  • Experience with different front end frameworks (jQuery, YUI, dojo, Prototype, MooTools, Bootstrap, Blueprint, etc), but able to write code *with* or *without* the use of a framework
  • Familiarity with any server-side technology (PHP, Ruby, Perl)
  • Flexible, proven ability to work well under pressure, and meet aggressive deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Desired skills (Bonuses):

  • Experience with Java and related technologies (JSPs, taglibs, app servers, etc.)
  • Prior experience with Liferay or other portal solutions a plus
  • Familiarity with mobile web development a plus
  • Familiarity with SVG animation
  • Knowledge of design principles, typography, user interfaces, Web standards and usability
  • Familiarity with standard design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator or equivalent design tools (GIMP Image Editor, Inkscape, etc.)


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