Software Engineer - Frontend Discord

Yevk bj Discord | San Francisco

Discord Job Description

Here’s a crazy idea: build a voice and text chat app people actually care about with a remarkable, creative, hilarious (read: insane) team.  Work on Discord, one of the most widely deployed React applications used by millions of people all over the world.

Do you get excited about figuring out how to scale an application that could have thousands of concurrent users all talking at once?  What about coming up with unique solutions to complex design requirements?  How about making sure it's all running at 60fps, keeping memory consumption down and being usable across various platforms?

If these are the kinds of problems that interest you, then we would love to chat.

What you'll be doing

    • Developing Discord for Desktop, Web, iOS and Android
    • Rapidly prototyping and building product iterations focused on product growth
    • Collaborating with designers and engineers to develop beautiful interfaces that look great and run smoothly
    • Building internal tools and libraries

What you should have

    • Solid engineering capability with an eye towards performance and responsiveness
    • Attention to detail and “feel”
    • Experience with React and Flux
    • Proficient with ES6
    • Applicants without prior experience must have completed internships and/or possess a well maintained Github

Bonus Points

    • Experience with server side Python
    • Experience with Objective-C, iOS, and Android development
    • If you have these bonus points, you’ll be shipping full vertical features directly to production
    • Javascript tooling experience writing Babel and Webpack plugins


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