Software Engineer (Front End) Brightidea

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What You'll Do

We are looking for a Software Engineer (Front End) with the desire to mentor, motivate, and deliver quality code.

You’ll work on projects that will allow you to wear many hats and flex both technical development and collaborative, communication skills. Your main responsibility will be the development and implementation of user interfaces for the Brightidea platform.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with other developers to pioneer and evangelize front end technologies
  • Create reusable, scalable, maintainable, and well-tested solutions
  • Lead the efforts on establishing best practices and upholding coding standards
  • Mentor and motivate others around you with your passion and expertise
  • Collaborate with product owners and other developers on building high quality, new features for the platform
  • Take initiative and ownership of projects from design to implementation to deployment
  • Juggle multiple responsibilities and projects at once, while still focusing on the top priority at any given time
What you need to succeed

  • 5+ years developing and implementing complex web based UIs
  • 1+ years of production experience with React / Redux JS Frameworks
  • Object oriented and functional Javascript experience
  • Experience with build tools such as Webpack, Grunt, etc.
  • Working knowledge of CSS3 (SASS/LESS preferred) and HTML5 with a strong attention to detail, polish, and responsive design
  • Excellent communication skills suited for a highly interactive team environment.
  • Experience with TDD, Agile practices (Scrum, Lean, Kanban), and GitHub.
  • Experience with LAMP / MEAN stack development is a plus
  • Experience with other JS frameworks is a plus (Backbone, Angular, etc.)

What Brightidea Offers

  • A chance to impact human creativity
  • Market competitive salary and significant equity in a well-funded, growing company
  • Generous vacation and holidays
  • Top-notch benefits (healthcare, vision, dental, maternity, paternity, retirement)
  • A unique opportunity to use your leadership skills, experience, and contacts to build a team and shape the culture of the company
  • An incredible team of fun, humble but brilliant co-workers


Helping large companies innovate isn’t easy, but it is vital. Vital to creating new jobs. Vital to igniting growth. Vital to ensuring a safe, healthy and prosperous future of billions around the globe.

However, innovation at large companies is a mess. Employees have lots of ideas on how to improve a business, but with no formal process, their suggestions go unheard and they give up trying to make a difference. Corporate innovation labs are expected to support countless different activities to promote innovation but lack the right tools for the job. Executives are seeing disruption everywhere they look and investing millions, but still have no idea where their “next big thing” will come from, or if it will come at all.

At Brightidea, we’ve built a platform that’s solving those problems. We’ve been helping corporate R&D teams be more efficient with the 1.5 Trillion dollars invested annually.

Our Team

Brightidea’s Engineering team is a diverse group of humble people that love to work together and are constantly trying new things. The team fosters learning and experimenting in an open, collaborative environment. We continuously deliver and believe in the right tool for the job. The workload is a healthy balance of product and engineering driven projects that are usually brainstormed after a rowdy game of foosball or a mouthwatering meal together. We value teamwork and are constantly engaged with our peers within the company to learn and grow personally as well as professionally.

Brightidea will never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or age, marital, or disability status.

We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference and that a diverse team generates more innovation and bigger ideas. Just as our product invites organizations to crowd source innovation across their workforce, Brightidea is inclusive and does not discriminate. We accept everybody.

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