Software Developer

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We are looking for a passionate Software Developer to work in our fun and fast-paced environment. You will create and modify weather products on the web and in apps. Though you will primarily be concerned with meteorological products, development may also be geared toward (but not limited to) other areas such as general infrastructure, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


  • Software Development (80% of time)
    • Design, write, modify, debug, and test new or legacy software in an agile team environment
    • Use source debuggers, profilers, runtime analysis tools, and source code control systems
    • Create and maintain documentation
    • Perform research related to languages, data structures, algorithms, file systems, libraries, tools, datasets
    • Work with team members in software development and debugging activities
  • Software Maintenance (20% of time)
    • Recognize and troubleshoot problems with server hardware and software
    • Upgrade, build, and install 3rd party software
    • Use monitoring tools / dashboards to determine system status
    • Participate in on-call rotation

  • Skills, knowledge and abilities
    • Linux development toolchain (gcc/g++, make, gdb, gprof, valgrind, SVN, GIT, etc)
    • Software development toolchain (C, C++, PHP, Python, Javascript, other languages as needed)
    • Web development frameworks (HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, Foundation, etc)
    • Object Oriented design, template metaprogramming, algorithms and data structures
    • Strong communications skills and ability to work in an Agile team environment
  • Experience
    • 3+ years software development, analysis, or engineering experience
  • Preferred educational level
    • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field


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