Senior Software Engineer - TV UI Architecture Netflix Jobs

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Netflix is reinventing how people watch television and movies. Over 70% of viewing happens on TV by our more than 125m members.  We also have a unique culture that allows you to do your best work. Join a team of talented engineers and help lead the revolution in TV user interfaces.
You will originate, engineer, and shepherd UI architecture for our JavaScript/React-based TV application so that we can build new experiences that have never existed before. Our rigorous innovation model focuses on exploring and defining great ideas and validating them against metrics. This analytical approach is at the intersection of creativity and analytics and requires talented engineers who are experts in their domain, who are curious, and who contribute broadly.

Our stack is unique

  • The UI is written in JavaScript/React and runs on our custom browser that is optimized for living room devices
  • Our app scales across a broad spectrum of devices, taking advantage of features on the latest game consoles and high-end smart TVs, but also running performantly on entry-level consumer electronics devices
  • We can evolve our browser without waiting for vendors to add features

What to expect

  • Almost all of your code will be JavaScript. Our flagship TV app has zero HTML and CSS
  • You’ll have the freedom to identify opportunities and create solutions that enable fast UI innovation
  • Your role does not have strict boundaries, giving you the opportunity to expand your impact where you see value to the engineering team and our business
  • You advocate for new features in our custom browser, allowing us to build experiences that weren’t previously possible.
  • We work to attract the best and brightest, and pay accordingly

Ideal Skill Set

  • You are an experienced UI engineer, having worked on ambitious applications
  • You have broad experience with various UI architectures and know how to extend a framework beyond what’s provided out of the box
  • You create technical solutions that amplify the impact and accelerate the velocity of other developers’ work
  • You are thoughtful about the impact to developers and product innovation when evolving the code base
  • You are mindful of performance because it is integral to a fantastic user experience
  • You are a strong critical thinker with a balance of analytical and creative skills
  • You have excellent communication skills and ability to excel in a dynamic, intellectual, results-driven environment
  • You collaborate to find the best solutions

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