Senior Software Engineer, Data Team

Iplq9wlr 400x400 Recurly | Boulder

Recurly’s Data team is responsible for providing services our merchants and our internal analysts use to gain insight into essential business data. The team develops reporting services to process complex business logic and large data sets. In addition, we provide export capabilities that allow our merchants to access their data in a secure, reliable manner. As a software engineer on the team, you will participate in the development of new export functionality and contribute to reporting services. This includes everything from process, defining requirements, business logic, development and testing.

We're looking for an experienced senior software engineer comfortable working in a service oriented architecture. Ideal candidates will have experience building and evolving data driven reports, APIs, applying software design patterns and building robust well tested code. Languages currently in use include Ruby, Python and Scala.

You’ll like this role if you enjoy building:

  • Clearly defined services and APIs that apply the Unix philosophy
  • Systems in AWS
  • Public facing features
  • Code bases that apply Gang of Four patterns and Sandi Metz’s rules

You’re a good fit if you have experience with the following:

  • Utilizing concurrency models in languages such as Scala or Go
  • Working with message queues such as Kafka
  • Test Driven Development
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • AWS
  • Experience building and maintaining versioned API's

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