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Sipree is poised to redefine how enterprises of all sizes send and share value in any currency, on any network, anywhere in the world in a snap. We are building a unique SaaS platform that is already providing companies and government agencies the ability to manage and distribute funds in a user-friendly and simple manner that was previously considered impossible and impractical.

Our nascent solution already powers a product offering that is poised to move a quarter of a billion dollars to millions of payees in the next six months (2H 2017). And we’re just getting started… our roadmap includes an array of additional services that remove unnecessary cost and frustration, provide more efficiency and accountability, and extend customer loyalty to all parties in the payment process.

Sipree is profitable, funded, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies that help us scale fast and delight our customers. We encourage you to join us on an adventure to fundamentally transform the enterprise payments market.


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