Front-End Engineer

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Cultivate is a people analytics platform that empowers managers to optimize productivity and retain top talent.  We provide real-time and predictive analytics for companies and managers in areas of engagement analysis, bias awareness, and resource alignment.  Our mission is to help companies provide their employees a more engaging, fulfilling, and productive workplace by continuously improving the manager-employee relationship.  

Cultivate is a business unit within Samsung NEXT that will be shortly spinning out into its own venture-backed company.  The candidate will be hired by Samsung NEXT to work for the Cultivate business unit with expectations to continue working with the Cultivate venture-backed entity post spin-out.

You will have the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge AI system.  Our San Francisco office is a co-working space with a great sense of community, and views of the Bay.  We have access to amenities like a fully stocked kitchen and all the computer equipment and gadgets you need.  We also have the autonomy of a small, driven startup team; for example, we value our work-life balance and don’t track or limit vacation/sick days.


You’ll be working closely with the entire founding team to deliver a fast, beautiful product with enterprise-grade security and reliability. The primary focus for this position will be the front-end properties, but you will work on a wide range of problems. A typical day might include:

  • Bringing a visual design document to life: turning it into functioning code while improving the design and resolving inconsistencies/vagueness along the way.
  • Working with a product manager to prototype and implement a new type of data visualization for multiple browsers and screen sizes.
  • Building new API’s for the front-end to communicate with the data/statistics layers.
  • Integrating with third party services to bring new data into our system.


  • 2+ years developing web applications, including highly interactive, responsive websites using modern web development frameworks.
  • Strong Javascript, HTML, and CSS a must
  • Experience with React a plus
  • Experience building analytics products and using charting/visualization libraries a plus.
  • Re-writing database queries or performing database migrations to improve speed a plus
  • Thrives in a fast-moving startup environment, has strong communication skills and is excited about the opportunity to influence product development and roadmapping.
  • CS degree or equivalent experience

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