React Native JavaScript Engineer

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About TaskRabbit

Each day brings more chores and less time to accomplish them. Whether someone needs a handyman, house cleaner, mover or delivery person, TaskRabbit delights clients by matching the right skilled person in minutes. With our support, our customers can accomplish it all not only today, but also on-demand to be their most productive self. On the other side of the marketplace we help our Taskers earn a living by setting their own prices, defining their working hours, and give them control to help people when and how they want in the most supportive marketplace.

We're a mission-driven company.  Our culture is collaborative, pragmatic and fast-paced.  We're looking for talented, entrepreneurially minded and data-driven people who also have a passion for helping people do what they love - and having a ton of fun while they're at it.

About the Job

You'll be one of the leaders of the team, helping to mentor junior engineers, propose creative solutions, and detangle the complex into the simple. We're working with React Native to build our mobile applications. You'll also occasionally work on our Web application JavaScript on occasion. We've built our application on top of REST backend services, and we'd like you to think through how the JS should be built and designed. You'll work alongside our Chief Architect to have a full vision of the system working to build a robust platform that's clearly organized and easy to maintain. We believe strongly in test-driven development and code reviews. It's expected that you'd be a main reviewer helping to grow the skills of the more junior engineers.



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Benefits & Perks

In addition to working with the smartest team of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors, TaskRabbit employees get tons of perks:


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