Product Manager Skycatch

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Skycatch is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead our data capture and insights platform. This is a special opportunity to lead the next generation of our product offering and change the way large construction and infrastructure projects work for our global customer base.

You’ll be tasked with the vision, strategy, and execution to bring together drones, cameras, computer vision, AI, analytics, mobile software, edge computing, and more, to deliver the future of fast, accurate data about the physical world.

What you'll do:


More about Skycatch:

Skycatch creates industrial strength products, services, and solutions that powers some of the most complex projects on the planet. We capture the world's data and create visual intelligence to help people operate faster, safer, and smarter than ever before. Skycatch is the industry leader for commercial UAV applications and data-imaging, building revolutionary products and providing unparalleled service.

Skycatch ( is a platform for capturing data using small autonomous aerial robots.  Our product is built for enterprise with safety, strength, and reliability in mind.  It can cover large geographic areas, be equipped with different sensors depending on the customer’s needs, and operate in challenging weather conditions.  Our proprietary battery-swapping and autonomous landing technology gives our aerial robots the ability to scale and operate without human involvement.


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