Jr Product Manager

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Mynd is a technology enabled Property Management start-up. We are developing systems and tools based off modern methods for efficiency and scalability. Mynd has deep experience in Real Estate investing and we are focused on bringing this mindset into how we manage Residential Properties and interact with our customers. We are committed to using outside influence and innovation to bring the antiquated Property Management industry up to current day expectations.

The Jr. Product Manager role at Mynd is an entry-level opportunity that offers ongoing mentorship and career development with experienced Product Managers. You’ll be partnered with Product Managers to help support them throughout the various phases of the product lifecycle. This role will gain exposure on how ideas go from backlog to release along with identifying and tracking success metrics. You will also pitch in to maintain our existing products, document bugs/enhancements and test new releases.


To excel in this role, the Jr Product Manager needs to be able to learn and adapt quickly. Being a Product Manager in a startup requires continual experimentation, failure and learning. Keeping up with our pace will require dedication and occasionally long hours. You will be expected to become an expert in a multi-faceted platform. This requires developing a deep empathy for users, both internally and externally, and translating that insight into workable solutions with the help of design and engineers. We expect that through mentorship and experience you’ll eventually lead your own projects from conception to completion.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business discipline
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Some coding experience
  • Technically savvy and able to master systems quickly
  • Self motivated to learn continually
  • Able to thoroughly document and adhere to processes
  • Enjoy working and interacting with team members

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