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Qxhzhi 8 400x400 Thanx | San Francisco

Thanx Job Description

Who are you?

You love building products that change the world around you and finding the most elegant solution in code. You enjoy using cutting-edge technology to build beautiful, intuitive, well-written, and maintainable user experiences. You proactively identify patterns in everything you touch and enjoy building components to reuse these patterns. Even though you have a passion for front-end development, you take pride in owning and implementing end-to-end features.

You are someone who is Passionate. Passionate about your role, problems to solve, what you do in life, or anything else. That passion energizes you. We want to know what it is because we will turn it into your ideal career.

You invest in other people. You recognize you're part of a whole. You learn from others, teach those around you, and truly care about the people you work with. We will invest in you to make you the best.

You take action. You find problems and want to solve them even when they aren't your responsibility. Everything is seen as an opportunity for improvement and you don't wait for permission to fix it. We don't have time to let fear stop us so we take action.

Who are we?


Unique life and work experiences yield the best solutions. We celebrate opinions from everyone, especially when differing — but mutual respect is non-negotiable.


For our merchants, it’s data-driven results. For our users, it’s a delightful experience. And for our office, it’s brilliant people over glitzy perks. Our team should always know why their work addresses a “number one priority” and to whom it matters.


There is no room for fear of failure and no time to wait for instructions — when you see a problem or opportunity, take action. We encourage risk-taking out of our comfort zone but are always willing to seek guidance when we start to lose our way.


Gratitude creates happiness. We see appreciation as the cornerstone of trust, caring, and collaboration — among Thanx employees and between merchants and their customers.

What about the team?

Our engineering team is driven, collaborative, and curious. Members of the team have many different work-styles and can be seen whiteboarding solutions to complex technical challenges, pair-programming on the right problem, or our heads down cranking out code. We are builders and love creating technology that solves real-world problems. We take pride in both the impact and quality of what we build. We also host hackathons, where you get to hack away at whatever it is that excites you from extracurricular programming projects to freestyle painting of the walls.

You will:

You have:

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