Front End Interactive Developer North Face

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The Interactive Web Developer is a new role and a vital contributor passionate about web interface design and experience using the latest front-end development practices, standards, tools and methodologies. This role will report to the Sr. Front-End Developer. The Interactive Web Developer will bridge the gap between marketing/ecommerce content editors and platform developers creating custom site experiences and supporting The North Face’s digital engagement objectives.

Working within the Digital Creative Services group, an in-house digital creative agency, the role will collaborate with designers to continue to elevate the digital experience to the standard and recognition befitting of the The North Face brand.

This role is ideal for someone who is excited about using the latest web development methodologies and techniques to create engaging, interactive and often animated web experiences and assets. A good design eye, attention to detail and exacting executions are required. You’ll use Javascript, HTML & CSS and leverage appropriate libraries, frameworks and plugins to implement a variety of front-end projects. While not an FE Engineering role, the ideal person should have an interest in and basic understanding of modularity, abstraction and reusability.


  • Development and implementation of digital front-end objectives, working closely with designers to create engaging web pages, user experiences and unique digital brand assets.
  • Deliver cross-browser, performant and responsive code building upon the Digital Platform CMS using ready-made components, custom layouts and external libraries and tools.
  • Work with designers to suggest and build animations, effects and engaging interfaces and elements using native and non-native browser technologies and libraries.
  • Create issue and feature tickets for improvement, platform bugs and conceptualize of components to platform development teams.
  • Leverage existing components within the platform, specifically the Adobe AEM CMS, to minimize needs for development updates for digital stakeholders.
  • All functions of the position should adhere to existing IT corporate policy. QAing, bug reporting and fixing.
  • Partner with e-Commerce and marketing teams to improve content-to-commerce shop flow, make suggestions and provide prototypes when applicable.
  • Explore, leverage and utilize modern production-ready libraries and frameworks.
  • Collaboration with colleagues with varying levels of technical knowledge and skillsets.


  • 1 to 3 years digital creative agency experience or equally relevant digital development portfolio.
  • Self-reliance and self-starting: you take personal initiative to find the answers and solution to development problems and bring to the team vetted relevant suggestions.
  • Familiarity with web standards and developing designs for modern browsers.
  • A strong familiarization and preference for development ops setup, prototyping and wireframing background is a plus.
  • Excitement for complex, challenging digital commerce projects.
  • Strong communication concerning timeline feasibility as well the limiting technology obstacles for project delivery.
  • Proficiency with core Adobe industry standard design products. I.E. PS, AI.
  • Demonstrable experience with browser based animations: Understanding of various methodologies and libraries utilizing native (CSS & JS) and external libraries/tools to achieve the best outcome.
  • Basic understanding of web services and JS based API utilization.
  • Proficiency in modern FE development Design Patterns and maintainability.

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