Javascript Developer

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Doorsteps is a small team focused on helping renters across the US find their next best place to live. We also act as a think-tank within our organization, experimenting with new ideas and processes to share with our larger group.

Our company Move, based in Silicon Valley, operates and is an industry leader in the homes-for-sale space. This has given us strategic advantages in content and our company leaders have dedicated significant resources to building out an excellent rentals experience.

As the Doorsteps team, we’re based in New York with an office in Midtown. We come from a startup background, but care deeply about work-life balance. We work collaboratively in a cross-disciplinary team. Our vision is ambitious, and you will play a big role in shaping the future of our company’s rentals experience.

We’re looking for a highly-motivated JS engineer to join us. You’ll be crafting new features, working closely with our design team, designing and using APIs, working with geospatial data - everything to push our rentals experience forward.


  • Develop a React app with server-side rendering in Node/NextJS.
  • Create/consume a Rails JSON API with said Node app.
  • Talk to a Postgres/PostGIS data store.
  • Translate our designers’ work into well-constructed JSX/SASS.
  • Creating new SOA services as needed.
  • Communicate clearly, and be able to share your knowledge and strategies with empathy and clarity.
  • Keep our collaborative process running smoothly: Write stellar self-documenting code, review Pull Requests on GitHub, solicit feedback from designers and PMs.
How We Code

We start off each week with a Iteration Planning Meeting, where product, design, and engineering discuss our focus for the week, and discuss how to approach the work. We generally do test-driven development, but when that’s not practical we adjust; developers can spike or timebox solutions to challenging problems. We pair when we need to share knowledge, or to help each other learn more parts of the stack. Changes to our app are branched on git, and merged via a pull request so we all have an opportunity to review each other’s code. Then the feature goes to Staging, and our product team does QA to give feedback. We regularly push changes to Production.

Our stack:

We have a web app built using Node, Express, NextJS, React, and Redux. We test with Mocha, Enzyme, and Puppeteer. Our API is built with RoR and PostgreSQL, and is tested with Rspec. We use Github for version control, Codeship for CI, and deploy to Heroku with AWS Cloudfront managing assets.

Tech Requirements and Education:

  • 3+ years working with JS
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with React or other modern JS framework (Vue, Ember, Angular, etc)
  • Understanding of how to build and maintain good SEO within JS apps
  • Familiar with functional programming patterns and one-way data flow
  • Postgres/SQL experience is a plus
  • NoSQL (Redis MongoDB) experience is a plus
  • Experience with AWS setup and deployment
  • Bachelor's Degree preferred

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