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We are looking for a talented computer vision and deep learning expert to join the Trulia Data Science team. This is a unique opportunity to become one of the founding members of the computer vision and deep learning group at Trulia and develop solutions that would be used by millions of users across Zillow Group. Trulia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zillow Group, is one of the nation's leading online real estate marketplace.

At Trulia, we believe photos play an important role on how users discover and interact with homes on Trulia. We use computer vision and deep learning techniques to leverage our vast collection of real estate photos and develop unique solutions that help delight users on Trulia. We tackle complex problems in machine learning, computer vision, image recognition, natural language processing and deep learning.

As a computer vision and deep learning expert in Trulia Data Science team you will:

• Collaborate closely with team members on developing computer vision systems from prototyping to production
• Research, design, implement, and deploy full-stack scalable computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning solutions to challenging problems.
• Build and maintain a large scale computer vision infrastructure to be used across Zillow group
• Work on challenging problems in computer vision in real estate and develop novel applications that bring value to our users.
• Keep up with state-of-the-art in computer vision and deep learning and apply them to create new experiences for users on Trulia
• Develop and implement state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for object detection, classification, segmentation and recognition.
• Come up with creative ideas for new signals and products leveraging Trulia's vast collection of real estate photos.
• Work with large-scale datasets, focusing on creating scalable and accurate computer vision systems across varied applications.
• Translate business requirements into quick prototypes or proof of concept.

Basic Qualifications:

• Ph.D. or MS in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or related field, or Bachelor’s with equivalent industry experience.
• Strong foundation in computer science, algorithms, data structures, machine learning and statistics
• Depth and breadth in state-of-the-art computer vision, deep learning and machine learning technologies
• 2+ years of experience in computer vision or deep learning.
• Proficiency in Java, C++, Python or other equivalent languages
• Experience working with large datasets and Deep Learning algorithms
• Experience working with unstructured data like images and text and applying novel machine learning techniques to convert insights into products
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate effectively to both technical and nontechnical audiences.
• Must be self-motivated and a strong team player

Preferred Qualifications:

• Strong engineering and programming skills. Ability to write high performance production quality code.
• Track record of building and deploying into production innovative end-to-end machine learning systems.
• Proficiency in Python and scientific computing packages.
• Experience in understanding and implementing algorithms in computer vision and deep learning using both toolkits and self developed code
• Publications at top-tier peer-reviewed conferences or journals or a proven track record of industry innovation in creating novel algorithms
• Experience with information retrieval or text mining.
• Good understanding of common families of models, feature engineering, feature selection and other practical machine learning issues, such as overfitting
• Experience with Hadoop and MapReduce
• Experience working with Natural Language Processing to understand text content


• Strong programming skills in C/C++
• Experience deploying pipelines to AWS or cloud services.
• Familiarity with vision systems on mobile devices.
• Experience with computer vision/machine learning libraries such as OpenCV, sklearn, xgboost, etc.
• Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, etc
• Experience with large-scale distributed systems and frameworks
• Experience with technologies like Solr, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Redis, etc
• Experience with designing crowd sourcing experiments and crowd sourcing platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT)
• Experiences with GPUs.
• Familiarity with parallel programming, ideally CUDA C/C++
• Contributor to open source machine learning/computer vision/deep learning libraries
• Experience working with Academic Datasets like ImageNet, Places, etc.
• Experience with distributed training of deep neural networks - data parallelism, model parallelism

Our Perks/Benefits:

• Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision
• 401K Match- every pay period
• DTO (Discretionary Time Off) - Take time when you need it!
• $75/month gym reimbursement - Go work it out!
• Weekly happy hours - Cheers!
• Dog friendly office – Adopt a new friend and bring him/her to work!
• All expenses paid trip to Seattle for the company Christmas party (with +1!)
• All company trip every summer to an exciting local destination!
• Up to $500 in commuter benefits per month
• Ping pong, shuffleboard, espresso machine + kegs on tap 24/7
• Mind, body, spirit day – take a full day off to press the reset button! All employees take this day to enjoy Trulia sponsored fitness events (hiking, biking, Soul Cycle, boot camp), healthy food, massages!

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