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DataFox Job Description

DataFox is looking for a data-driven software engineer who can take initiative and think creatively to solve complex data problems. In this role, you will build our data infrastructure and web services to empower our data collection specialists, our data labs team, and ultimately, our customers. You’ll work closely with our labs engineers and data operations to extend DataFox’s leadership in generating accurate company data and proprietary growth insights. You’ll have exposure to new technologies and technical skills, mentorship from best-in-class engineers across platform, API, data science, and front end teams, and actually legitimate production NLP and ML.


    • Build our Data Infrastructure and tools to support our teams of data specialists, our data labs engineers, and our network of APIs that power DataFox’s Intelligent Data solutions.
    • Expand our software suite of services (both backend and frontend) that our teams of data auditors use.
    • Contribute to our new framework for running batch augmentation processes.
    • Work closely with our Data Labs team to power more NLP and machine learning in our data processes.
    • Lead the creation of ETLs to collect, store, and normalize both structured data (e.g. government forms) and unstructured data (e.g. company websites).
    • Build logic to extract and classify key company data from those websites.
    • Work closely with PMs and UX engineers to develop APIs that support our many customer facing applications

Must-Have Skills and Experience

    • BS and/or MS in Computer Science. In some cases, a combination of a deep technical background (e.g. Physics), excellence at a coding bootcamp, and 2-5 years of software engineering experience will work well too.
    • Willingness to roll up your sleeves and get things done.
    • Willingness to take risks – done well is better than perfect.
    • Ability to write clean, scalable code (and a passion for it).
    • Eagerness to learn new programming languages and technologies.
    • Experience with Node.js or MongoDB would be helpful.
    • Superb attention to detail.
    • Ability take on hard technical challenges: crawling, machine learning, automated data cleaning, etc. DevOps experience is a plus.

Working at DataFox

    • We have a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco. Lunch is on us every day (and normally it’s delicious). We work with some of the brightest teammates and customers in the world, including hundreds of the top of finance and technology companies relying on our data for investment, sales, and marketing.
    • Our team culture is super important; it’s important to be able to work from our office in San Francisco. You can read more about our culture here.
    • While everyone talks about artificial intelligence, at DataFox, you will gain constant exposure to actually legitimate production Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning that flows all the way through to our end users.
    • We care about building a team of high-performers, covering each other’s backs, constantly learning, and delighting our customers by solving hard problems.
    • Company insights abound here. If you are interested in businesses and their role in the economy, the world of private equity, or the future of data-driven sales, then you just might love DataFox. If you’re looking to not only see how a quickly growing technology company (DataFox) brings its services to market, but also to see how the rest of the business ecosystem works, then this is the opportunity for you.

About DataFox

    • DataFox is an Intelligent Data platform that provides sales, marketing and investing teams with critical insights to find and win more business. DataFox's algorithms structure information on millions of businesses and deliver reliable data and machine-learned suggestions where and when they're needed.
    • DataFox is backed by Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Stanford and Slack, and the platform is used by a wide range of Fortune 500 corporations (e.g. Google, Amazon, UPS) and high growth tech companies (e.g. Twilio, Greenhouse, InsightSquared). For more information, visit


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